Letter from James Gordon to his wife

Dear Barbara,

How are you? How are the children? I miss you so much… But I still think that spending a time at your mother’s out of the city is a good idea, after all that we have passed through. I think it’s the best for the children, too, to forget about everything… if they can. I can’t go with you yet: if I leave the city now, considering how things are… the journalists would cut me into pieces. I wouldn’t mind if they were just after me, but they would charge against tge whole department, and that’s the last thing we need now. But I’ll try to get away a few days, in a week or so… I want to see you and the children.

The new agent of reinforcement has arrived today. He’s called Crispus Allen and he’s been transfered from Metropolis. I wonder why, because Metropolis is the jewel in the crown. We should go sightseeing with the children someday. They say everything is shining and elegant there, not like in this sewer of Gotham. They even say that that big guy, the one the newspapers call Superman, is seen very often there. Maybe he lives there, even with that they’re lucky. I assigned Allen to detective Montoya. Bullock is an old school guy, he will manage well alone for a time and Renée is more… communicative. How am I going to explain to Allen what happens in this city? How am I going to make him understand that, being a policeman in Gotham is living under the shadow of the bat?

We installed a new signal in the rooftop. Nobody knows, it’s a secret. We still haven’t used it: there was no need for it. We all know that he’s outside. We don’t see him, of course. We look for him, but can’t find him. The orders are clear: find him and arrest him. But, how are we supposed to do it? Men are divided and confused. It cherishes and dashes them at the same time. He can reach where we can’t, but no one should be over the law. I only hope that he doesn’t cross the line… because he still hasn’t crossed it, no matter what the news say. For God’s sake, he saved our son! And who knows how many more sons of someone does he save every night. Who would be able to put him the shackles?

And the scum also knows that he’s there, hunting them. I don’t want to even imagine what does he do to them to scare them in such way… He has divided the people of Gotham into two groups: those who live in fear and those who hold hope. Unfortunately, the first group is still larger. I think the Joker was right in the interrogation room: the bat changed things, forever. There’s no turning back.

Sometimes I think to myself what drives a person to that extreme of… madness… to that condemnation. There’s a psychologist, I heard she’s called Dra. Chase Meridian, writing an essay about him. When she’s over, she could continue with the rest of us: there are enough nutters in this city to write a whole damn enciclopedy. Like Dent… My God, how could we lost Harvey? Our white knight, our hope… the hero we needed, the face of justice, honesty, integrity, the hope that the people of Gotham need… that we all need. Had I trust him before… had I believed in him, everything would have been different. But we lost him. The Joker was right, only a little push, a bad day, and a person you believe to be calm and upright go nuts, becomes a sadistic murderer… or jumps from one rooftop to another dressed like a giant bat. My God, it’s the second time I admit that psychopathic clown was right. After all he has done, I hope he rots in Arkham… How could a man alone hurt so many people? Maybe he also had a bad day, maybe he was pushed a little, too, and now he wants to give it back, to see the world burn… I don’t know, it’s impossible to know, all around him is a sistematic anarchy… It makes me shiver, I hope I’ll never see him again.

But I’m afraid that, sooner or later, we’ll see another freak. How many have we seen already? A psychiatrist crazy about scarecrows, a killing clown, noone told me about who organized the disaster in the Narrows and nearly blows Wayne Tower up, but I guess they were not amateurs… And poor Harvey. What will be the next? A cat woman? A penguin man? There are so many crazys in the alleys and so less hope… And we’re hunting the only one that rest…

Well, darling, I have to continue working. The night’s gonna be long. Hold strong the children for me. Tell them I want very much to see you soon. I’ll try my best. I’ll write you again in a few days.

Love, Jim


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