The Bat and the Princess

(Die Fledermaus und Die Prinzessin)

Once upon a time, there was a Bat that lived in a castle’s tower. He lived there alone, spending his every night time doing bat tasks. That part of the castle was never used, so he seldom had any visit. But, since he had a curious nature, some nights he went out to explore the nearby forests and lands around the castle.

One of those nights, he saw a light coming from another of the castle’s towers and, unable to resist his curiosity, he flought to one of its windows. Flying in silence, he saw the Princess. And he thought immediately that she was the most beautiful creature he had seen in his entire life. But he also noticed that she was sad. So fascinated was he, that he got distracted and the Princess saw him as well. The Bat thought that she would be scared, or that she would try to frighten him away, but, instead, the Princess invited him to come into the tower. At the beginning, the Bat was frightened and nervous, but the Princess talked to him, and slowly he calmed down. He asked her why she was sad, and she told him that her Prince had left her to search for another princess in a far away kingdom, and she had remained alone. The Bat felt pity for her, and promised to return the following night.

And so he did, night after night. The Bat abandoned his bat tasks and his explorations around the nearby forests, and spent his time in the Princess’ tower, talking to her, telling her about his night adventures and discoveries, and she told him about life in the castle, about the ladies living there, about the king and the queen, and the nobles the Bat had never seen, because they did all their jobs during the day. The Princess was beautiful and bright, she had deep and lovely eyes, a sweet voice, and she was less sad every night. And while talking to her, the Bat was enchanted and forgot that he was a small and ugly bat, that he had membranous wings and was dark and sinister, and that he had used to do bat tasks. And he believed that he could be happy with the Princess, and that she would be happy, too, and that happiness would last forever. And, believing it, in fact he was happy. And he thought that she was, too.

But, one day, a knight arrived to the castle, dressed up with a brilliant armour. The Princess, from her tower, saw that he was handsome, brave, noble and kind. And she felt that the knight had come for her. And forgot that once there was a prince who left her, and forgot her sadness, and happiness and hope instaled in her heart. And forgot the Bat.

So, at night, the Bat flought to the Princess’ tower and found that she was not there. He was surprised and dissapointed, and turn back to his own tower that no one visited. The following night he went to her tower again, and the next night, and the night after that, and the next, and many nights more, but the Princess never came back. And the Bat understood that she had gone and forgotten about him. He remembered that he was a small and ugly Bat, that he had membranous wings, and was dark and sinister, and that he had bat tasks to do. And forgot that he had been happy.

And the Bat lived in his tower, alone, spending his time doing bat tasks, exploring the forests around the castle and making discoveries. But, still some nights, he went off course and approached the Princess’ tower, hoping to see her lovely eyes and listen to her sweet voice again. And the Princess has a tattooed bat in her back, and the Bat has a Princess engraved in his heart, and none would ever be erased.



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