Vega rules


2007. Córdoba. ‘Góngora Gran Café’ pub. 13.30 pm. There’s a rehearsal in process, just six or seven people inside, including musicians, technicians and managers.

Good afternoon, may I get an invitation for Vega’s tonight concert? Hello, I’m afraid there isn’t any left, but wait a moment: ¡Mercedes, is there any invitation left?! Mercedes comes. Mercedes is Vega herself: I’m sorry, there isn’t any, but if you come some time before the start of the gig you wouldn’t have any problem to come in. Oh, what a pity: I have to work and I can’t come before the time it starts, so maybe next time. Could you please autograph my album at least? Sure, no problem; wait, I have an idea: bring me the vip’s list, what’s your name? I’m going to write down your name in the list, so when you arrive tell the doorman you’re put down and he’ll let you in. Are you coming with someone else? Anyway, I’ll write ‘with companion’ just in case. There’ll be no problem. Thank you very much, see you later.

Vega has made a fan nine hours before she even starts singing.

2009. Seville. Fnac. 21.00 pm. Vega has just launched her third album, ‘Metamorfosis’, in an acoustic gig. Aroun 150 people are waiting to get their copies autographed, take a photo with her, give her a pair of kisses, tell her how much they liked the album and the gig… 21:55 pm. We’re still a dozen or so waiting for our minute of warmth with Vega. The manager comes.

Vega, we have to close the shop, you have to stop now. Can’t they wait for five minutes… or ten? No, they can’t… But they will. If the Fnac is not going to let me sign the albums, then they shouldn’t invite me to sign or give a gig anymore. All right, ten minutes more, but quickly, don’t take more photos. Sure: if there’s anyone who wants to take a picture, don’t worry: when we’re done here, I’ll go out using the main entrance and we can take the photos outside; I’m sorry for all the inconvenients, what’s your name? Wait downstairs to have the photo, one kiss, cute.

She’s not my favourite singer, but I’m still her fan…


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