The man in black (2009 version)

Loquillo, Enrique Bunbury, Jaime Urrutia y Andrés Calamaro. They can be more or less liked, but it’s a lot of talent gathered for a single song…

I wear black and you wonder why
I don’t wear other colours, I really know
that my appearance might be gloomy and grey,
I have reasons to wear this way.

I wear black for the poor and also
for the defeated against the wall.
I wear it for the imprisoned,
who pays the price of
a law made at power’s measure.

I wear black for those who never
paid attention to Christ when he proclaimed
that there’s a way of love and mercy.
I speak clear, you’ll understand.

I wear black for the unfair loneliness
of the old and those who’ll end
cold as stones after riding
while someone gets rich in their sofa.

I wear black for the young who’ll fall
in war, believing they have behind
God and his mother by their side
and it’s not true:
they’re the meat in a general’s game.

I know some things will never be right
but nothing is impossible, look at me.
I sing this song,
what can you do?
Look inside and carry your cross.

I want to show a rainbow when I sing
but in my back the shadow falls
and until the light doesn’t really shine
I wear black, and in black you’ll see me.

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar: the original song is by Johnny Cash (1971).

3 pensamientos en “The man in black (2009 version)

  1. ¿Por qué sobran, Fernando? Solo ya la grabó en 1992 y tuvo muchísima repercusión, sonaba constantemente en las cadenas de radio e hizo muchas teles con ella. Ahora se han agrupado por amistad y porque ya lo habían hecho también con Jaime. Es otro paso más de esa gia conjunta que tienen entre manos desde hace unos 5 años y que se hará cuando pueda ser.


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