Spontaneity is not the same as improvisation

This is one of the things you learn from the encounters (don’t call them performances) with the spontaneus theather company ‘La Barca‘. Another thing you learn is that, in spontaneous theater the things that matter are here and now: each encounter is, because of its own nature, unique and once-in-a-lifetime. Today’s stories will be different from tomorrow’s, and will not last but for those who lived them. When everything goes right, the glory for these actors and actresses is brief; if it wouldn’t go right… well, it would be brief, too.

Rejecting inmortality may have its advantages and disadvantages, but it is not a decrease of thoroughness. It seems more like an incentive: there will be no second chance, there will be no more rehearsals and nothing could be mend or changed. It is now and here.

La Barca. Otro teatro.

Every meeting is a surprise. To the audience, but also to actors and actresses, who in a few seconds must change who they are, assume other personalities, make them physical and affectionate, make us watch, and live, a story we have just known because someone from the public, kindly, decided to share it. It requieres courage, resolution, wit, sense of humour sometimes, sense of drama others, eloquence, expressivity, I would say capacity of improvisation, but they would say it is spontaneity. And it looks like this boat carries a good load of all this things.

Like in a magic show, in a few seconds a short scene of life materializes before our eyes. It is daily and human, as deserving as any great tragedy, but much closer, and because of this, much touching. Sometimes it is the whole group that takes part, moving around the stage with great racket, with atrezzo or even participants from the audience; other times, it is only one or two people, contained, giving to the minor gesture, to a facial expression detail, the biggest meaning. They do it so well that it seems easy. But playing Shakespeare is easy, just because others did it before. There are no models for this stories: no one played them before, and no one will play them after. It is here and now.

As a musician, I couldn’t leave the music unnoticed. Within a orchestra, the cello doesn’t seem to stand out; however, playing alone, can be one of the most expressive. It could be mistakenly believed that it is just an accesory, but to have a cellist on board is a wise choice: playing music during the interludes prevent the magic’s break and when played during the acts, it gives the whole a cinematographic nature and a higher emotional intensity.

La Barca. Otro teatro.

In the end, it is emotions what count in these meetings: raw feelings coming from the audience itself that are polished in real time by the director and given back to us, but enlarged through the performance. That’s the ability, the virtue, the magic of spontaneus theater.

P.S.: Before, I would have said that this text was improvised, but now I think it’s spontaneous.